How to use Penis Pump Penomet

Penomet is a penis pump that has evolved to offer consumers exactly what they want: If you want to enlarge the size of your penis or have already tried a penis pump that hasn’t given you the results you were hoping for, Penomet is the solution! An effective, scientifically proven and guaranteed approach to penis enlargement that will allow you to permanently and effectively increase the length and girth of your penis with the minimum of time and effort.

Penomet of choice

Backed by more than two years of real life testing, Penomet not only allows the ability to achieve a permanent increase penis length and girth but can also help you :

  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Decrease and prevent impotence
  • Decrease and prevent premature ejaculation
  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Increase your sexual stamina

How does Penomet work?

For the best results, Penomet should be used with water; conventional air vacuum pumps compress and expand air without enlarging the penis equally, resulting in enlargement of some areas but not others.

Penomet overcomes this issue by using water to provide equal volume and pressure within the cylinder.

Due to the unique design of Penomet, when compression of the pump starts the non-return valve at the end of the cylinder closes and the gaiter expands – this results in pressure being applied equally to the penis.

Unlike other penis pumps in the market, Penomet is truly unique in it’s design – offering 5 interchangeable gaiters that allow you to gradually and safely increase the pressure of the device – users can achieve gains up to 65% faster when compared to using a pump with a fixed, one gaiter setting.

Watch here how Penomet works:



” If you want the short version, l am completely satisfied with my Penomet. Now for the larger version… l started doing PE in 2010. l did not measure myself until 2012. My first recorded measurement was 143 mm ( -5.6 inches). Over the years, l had +/- 1/2 inch measurements ( measuring nothing was permanent). In 2015, l decided to start a strict PE routine. l ordered a Penomet and made a schedule for exercise and pumping. After six months, l was up to 214 mm ( -8.4 inches). l was happy and stopped PE. Last week, l started doing some light stretches and pumping.It has been 5 months since l stopped. I decided to measure and I was 261 mm ( -8.5 inches). On girth, I started around 140 mm and today was 151 mm( a gain of -0.4 inches) . Almost one year later, and the Penomet still functions the same as when l purchased it. Now l am not going to lie, the first few weeks were intense. I felt sore and sometimes had to skip pumping session. My best advice is to ease yourself into a routine. Let your body grow accustomed to pumping. Now after pumping, my penis is harder.” Chuck – AL, United States


Get your Penomet here:$16&c=8136&p=r&s2=campaign&s3=keyword&s4=another&s5=another&ckmrdr=

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